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About us

Finder2000 (Pvt) Ltd is the Sri Lankan arm of the prestigious Finder2000 Group, a global web solutions provider based in UK. Finder2000 (Pvt) Ltd was established in the year 2000 with the mission of delivering integrated solutions for the Asia Pacific Market in the new millennium. Finder2000 has continued to taste success as its strength lies in working closely with its partner clients looking to exploit the full potential of internet and web technology to evolve their business. Finder2000 caters to organizations, businesses of all sizes and individuals, successfully coping with the modern day challenges of meeting needs and budgets of customers.


Finder2000 has participated in many key public and private sector projects, delivering highly effective solutions over the last several years and aptly demonstrating its capabilities in sound project management and timely delivery. The firm’s credibility is further illustrated by some of its global projects carried out in association with the parent company. The fact that both Finder2000 UK and Sri Lanka have handled specific work for the respective Prime Minister’s Office speaks sufficiently for the capabilities and acceptance level of the group and the individual operating units. Our prestigious list of customers includes the following:

Public Sector Clients

  • Prime Minister’s Office
  • Ministry of Rehabilitation, Resettlement & Refugees
  • National Hospital of Sri Lanka
  • National Aquaculture Development Authority

Private Sector Clients

  • Fortress Hotel
  • Tudawe Brothers
  • MN Law

International Clients

  • Porsche Sri Lanka
  • Jaguar Sri Lanka

Associations/ NGOs/ Others

  • Hartley College PPA Trust
  • Rotary Club of Colombo West
  • Chart Foundation